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Research Projects Subjects of Investigation at this Location

Each ARS research project has related subjects of investigation.  Listed below are the subjects of investigation currently conducted at this location.

Clicking on a subject of investigation will list the research projects within that  subject of investigation.

Subjects of Investigation
Corn (for sweetcorn use 1480)
Durum wheat
Hard red winter wheat
Soft red wheat
Wheat, other
Research Projects within Wheat, other
item Determining the Roles of Fusarium Effector Proteases in Plant Pathogenesis
item Developing Methods for More Efficient Wheat Transformation
item Developing New Technologies for Improving Resistance to Fusarium Head Blight
item Developing Tools for Genotype Independent Transformation and Gene-Editing in Cereals
item Engineering Gene-for-Gene Resistance to Fusarium Head Blight in Wheat and Barley (Rothamsted)
item Functional Analysis of Genes in the Wheat Pathogen Zymoseptoria Tritici
item Fungal Host-Pathogen Interactions and Disease Resistance in Cereal Crops
item Improvement of Oat Germplasm for Resistance/Tolerance to Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus Utilizing Marker-Assisted-Selection Breeding
item Institutional Biological Safety Committee (IBC) Agreement - Purdue University
item Tar Spot of Corn: Characterizing the Ecology and Epidemiology of an Understudied and High-Profile Disease