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Research Project: Characterization of Soybean Germplasm for Use in the Alternative Protein Market

Location: Soybean and Nitrogen Fixation Research

Project Number: 6070-21220-070-035-S
Project Type: Non-Assistance Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Jul 1, 2023
End Date: Jun 30, 2028

Evaluate genetically diverse, high yielding germplasm with an improved protein content for novel protein functionality useful for the alternative protein market. The cooperator will characterize the chemical and functional properties of proteins extracted from soybean germplasm developed by the Soybean Nitrogen Fixation Research Unit.

Protein will be extracted from the soybean germplasm provided by the Soybean Nitrogen Fixation Research Unit to investigate the composition of the protein subunits and amino acids, solubility, gelling, emulsifying, stability and storage properties. The Soybean and Nitrogen Fixation Research Unit will provide: A 1kg sample from 17 breeding lines and 3 released germplasms. The material included contains one or more of the following traits: an increased protein content, increased genetic diversity from development with diverse G. max and G. soja accessions, low phytate, an increased oil content and high oleic acid. Each breeding line will be from 1 environment with the exception of 5 lines, which will be from 2 environments. Dr. Girard agrees to provide support to this project by assessing genetically diverse soybeans for their protein chemistry and functionality. This work will involve various assays, including: • Assessment of methods to extract proteins from whole soybeans and their effects on functionality of the resulting proteins. • Identification of protein subunits by SDS-PAGE and/or size exclusion HPLC. • Characterization of protein functional properties such as solubility, gelling, emulsifying, and foaming. • Storage stability of soybeans and/or protein products (i.e., functional properties, flavors/volatiles, etc.). • Digestibility of soy proteins with various structural attributes. Data will be collected, analyzed, interpreted, and shared with collaborators as well as via manuscripts in peer-reviewed publication(s).