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                ALMANAC Model Description Papers
                Biofuels - Current Project
                CEAP - Current Project

                Switchgrass - Current Project
             Complete List of Publications

ALMANAC Model Description Papers

••         Agricultural System Models in Field Research and Technology Transfer Publication


••         The ALMANAC model's sensitivity to input variables Publication


••         Field-Measured Limits of Soil Water Availability as Related to Laboratory-Measured Properties Publication


••         A General, Process-Oriented Model for Two Competing Plant SpeciesPublication


••         Modelling crop:weed interactions in wheat with ALMANACPublication  

••         Ceptometer deployment method affects measurement of fraction of intercepted photosynthetically active radiationPublication

••         The Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP): a national scale natural resources and conservation needs assessment Publication

Biofuels  - Current Project

••         A Dynamic Tool - Resource assessment framework for dependable feedstock supply to produce advanced biofuels in Hawaii. Publication


••         Energy sorghum biomass harvest thresholds and tillage effects on soil organic carbon and bulk density.Publication


••         Biofuel Feedstocks - Sustainable Production Strategies for Dependable Feedstock Supply. Publication


••         Two-Year Growth Cycle Sugarcane Crop Parameter Attributes and Their Application in Modeling. Publication


CEAP - Current Project

••         Plant Parameters for Plant Functional Groups of Western Rangelands to Enable Process-based Simulation Modeling  Publication 



••         EPIC model parameters for cereal, oilseed, and forage crops in the northern Great Plains region Publication


••         Peanut leaf area index, light interception, radiation use efficiency, and harvest index at three sites in Texas Publication

••         Rice Parameters Describing Crop Performance of Four U.S. Cultivars Publication

••         Sunflower simulation using the EPIC and ALMANAC models Publication

••         Parameterization of Almanac crop simulation model for non-rrigated dry beans in semi-arid temperate areas in Mexico Publication



••         Coastal Bermudagrass, Bahiagrass, and Native Range Simulation at Diverse Sites in Texas Publication

••         Estimation of evapotranspiration by reed canarygrass using field observations and model simulations Publication

••         Simulating grass productivity on diverse range sites in Texas Publication

••         The Rancher's ALMANAC Publication

••         Indirect Measurement of Leaf Area Index in Sagebrush-Steppe Rangelands Publication

••         Novel application of ALMANAC: Modeling a functional group, "warm-season perennial grasses." Publication

••         Soil microbial activity under different grass species: underground impacts of biofuel cropping Publication


••         Maize and Sorghum Siumlations with CERES-Maize, SORGF, and ALMANAC under Water-Limiting Conditions   Publication

••         Maize and Sorghum Simulation in Diverse Texas Environments Publication

••         Maize yield potential; critical processes and simulation modeling in a high-yielding environment Publication

••         Radiation-Use Efficiency in Biomass Accumulation Prior to Grain-filling for Five Grain-Crop Species Publication

••         Radiation-Use Efficiency and Grain Yield of Maize Competing with Johnsongrass. Publication

         Row Spacing effects on Light Extinction Coefficients of Corn, Sorghum, Soybean, and Sunflower Publication

••         Similarity of maize seed number responses for a diverse set of sites Publication

••         Evaluation of Two Maize Models for Nine U.S. Locations Publication

••         Does spatial arrangement of 3D plants affect light transmission and extinction coefficient within maize crops? Publication


 Switchgrass - Current Project 


••         Biofuels and Water Use: Comparison of Maize and Switchgrass and General PerspectivesPublication

••         Switchgrass Biomass Simulation at Diverse Sites in the Northern Great Plains of the U.S.Publication

••         Radiation use efficiency and leaf CO 2exchange for diverse  C 4 grassesPublication

••         An Assessment of the Feasibility of Electric Power Derived from Biomass and Waste FeedstocksPublication

••         Projecting Yield and Utilization Potential of Switchgrass as an Energy CropPublication

••         Simulating Alamo Switchgrass with the ALMANAC ModelPublication

••         Switchgrass simulation by the ALMANAC model at diverse sites in the southern USPublication

••         Clash of the Titans: Comparing Productivity Via Radiation Use Efficiency for Two Grass Giants of the Biofuel FieldPublication

••         Perennial Biomass Grasses and the Mason-Dixon Line: Comparative Productivity across Latitudes in the Southern Great PlainsPublication

••         Spatial forecasting of switchgrass productivity under current and future climate change scenariosPublication

••         Genotypic variation in traits linked to climate and aboveground productivitiy in a widespread c4 grass:evidence for a functional trait syndromePublication

••         Switchgrass leaf area index and light extinction coefficientsPublication

••         Comparing biomass yields of low-input high diversity communities with managed monocultures across the central United StatesPublication

••         Soil and variety effects on the energy and carbon balances of switchgrass-derived ethanolLink to article 



••         ALMANAC: A Potential Tool for Simulating Agroforestry Yields and Improving SWAT Simulations of Agroforestry Watersheds Publication

••         Plant growth simulation for landscape-scale hydrological modelling Publication

••         A multi-species, process based vegetation simulation module to simulate successional forest regrowth after forest disturbance in daily time step hydrologidal transport models Publication

••         Biomass Accumulation and Radiation use Efficiency of Honey Mesquite and Eastern Red Cedar Publication


 Complete List of Publications

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