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Serge Edme

Research Geneticist


Research Objectives

  1. Develop improved breeding techniques for five (5) perennial grasses: switchgrass, indiangrass, big bluestem, bromegrass, and wheatgrass.
  2. Develop new cool- and warm-season grass cultivars and native legume germplasm used as feedstuff adapted to the growing conditions of the US Midwest and Great Plains.
  3. Develop bioenergy grass cultivars with perennial and biomass characteristics for the combustion and fermentation platforms.
  4. Integrate genomic selection into breeding switchgrass for bioenergy with special emphasis on resistance or tolerance to fungal and viral diseases.
  5. Maximize genetic gains via the index selection methodology, the animal model, and the estimation of BLUP and breeding values.


/ARSUserFiles/22022/Upland Lowland PV.JPG

Upland (left) vs lowland (right) switchgrass in Nebraska


/ARSUserFiles/22022/Switchgrass Progeny test.jpg
Progeny test plots with spaced-planted seedlings
(seedlings in cone-tainers as insert)



/ARSUserFiles/22022/Liberty switchgrass seed.JPG

Liberty, latest released switchgrass cultivar, in an isolated seed
propagation nursery