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Gautam Sarath

Research Molecular Biologist

Research Objectives

  1. Determine the physiological and molecular mechanisms controlling seed quality in switchgrass. Implement strategies to overcome seed dormancy. 
  2. Develop improved cultivars and germplasms of switchgrass, big bluestem, indiangrass with utility as forage and bioenergy crops. 
  3. Investigate below-ground metabolism in switchgrass plants from adapted and non-adapted populations to improve winter survival. 
  4. Identify biomass characteristics of switchgrass that impact conversion efficiency to liquid fuels. Utilize this information to develop improved breeding criteria and improved management practices. 
  5. Identify traits, genes and gene-networks that underlie switchgrass responses to insect and pathogen stress

Localization of nitric oxide in germinating switchgrass seeds


Predicted changes in shoot biomass in adapted and non-adapted
switchgrass plants


Gene expression networks present during switchgrass flag leaf