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Alexandria Snider (Alex)
Livestock Bio-Systems
Research Physiologist (Animals)

Phone: (402) 762-4178

844 ROAD 313
CLAY CENTER, NE 689330166
Improving Livestock Production by Developing Reproductive and Precision Management Technologies
In-House Appropriated (D)
  Accession Number: 433077
Inflammatory Ovarian Microenvironment Alters Granulosa Cell Function
Interagency Reimbursable Agreement (I)
  Accession Number: 440171

Publications (Clicking on the reprint icon Reprint Icon will take you to the publication reprint.)
Beef heifers with increased number of follicles have greater uterine luminal glucose concentrations - (Abstract Only)
Uterine function during maternal recognition of pregnancy differs due to size of the ovarian reserve in beef heifers - (Abstract Only)