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Reproduction Research
Rohrer, Gary
Research Geneticist (Animals)
P.O. BOX 166 (State Spur 18D)/USDA-ARS-PA-MARC
Clay CenterNE68933

The primary efforts of the Reproduction Research Unit are directed toward improving the reproductive and production efficiency of swine. Major inefficiencies in swine reproduction include poor entrance and retention of females in the breeding herd and high perinatal and neonatal losses of piglets. Research of the unit involves physiology, endocrinology, behavior, molecular biology, neuroendocrinology, biochemistry, nutrition, and genomic analysis. Increased understanding of factors that influence puberty, estrus, sexual behavior, ovulation, implantation, embryonic and fetal mortality, parturition, lactation, early postnatal mortality, and return to cyclicity after weaning is required for improving reproductive efficiency. Specific research efforts investigate factors affecting gilt development, retention of sows in the breeding herd, increasing the number of quality pigs weaned per litter, and development of genomic markers for these and other production traits.

  Plains Area
    Clay Center, Nebraska
      U.s. Meat Animal Research Center
      Reproduction Research
Beals, McKenzie
(402) 762-4166

Biological Aid
Brockman, Brett
(402) 762-4351

Biological Science Lab Technician
Cushman, Robert Bob
(402) 762-4186

Research Physiologist (Animals)
Freking, Bradley Brad
(402) 762-4278

Research Geneticist (Animals)
Gramke, Troy
(402) 762-4211

Biological Science Lab Technician
Judy, Michael Mike
(402) 762-4306

Biological Science Lab Technician (Biochemistry)
Keel, Brittney
(402) 762-4166

Research Biologist
Lemke, Leslie
(402) 762-4180

Secretary (Office Automation)
Lents, Clay
(402) 762-4184

Research Physiologist (Animals)
Miles, Jeremy
(402) 762-4182

Research Physiologist (Animals)
Nonneman, Danny Dan
(402) 762-4367

Research Molecular Biologist
Rempel, Lea
(402) 762-4185

Research Physiologist (Animals)
Rohrer, Gary
(402) 762-4365

Research Geneticist (Animals)
Simmerman, Kris
(402) 762-4280

Biological Science Lab Technician
Watts, Shanda
(402) 762-4327

Biological Science Technician
Wright, Elane
(402) 762-4325

Biological Laboratory Technical
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