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USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council - Lentil
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Objective: 1. Develop an exceptionally large-seeded yellow cotyledon lentil with green seedcoats to compete favorable with the Laird Lentil and improve the Brewer Lentil. 2. Develop Turkish Red, Eston and Spanish Brown type lentils with tall plant habit, high yields and good seed quality traits. 3. Incorporate high biomass traits, upright plant habit and high yield into all types of lentils. 4. Incorporate resistance to Pea Enation Mosaic Virus (PEMV) and Bean Leaf Roll Virus (BLRVO into breeding populations of all lentil types. 5. Identify and incorporate pod traits with reduce seed shatter into breeding populations of all lentil types. 6. Ensure that quality of new varieties is maintained by using the quality evaluation procedures we have developed.

Anticipated Benefits and Information Transfer: The priority of this project is to develop virus-resistant, large-seeded Laird Type lentil varieties with high yields and good color quality. Goals of the project also include developing and making available to producers: improved Turkish Red, Eston, Spanish Brown, and Brewer type lentils. Results of this project will be made available to producers through variety releases, which will be documented by official release notices and registration articles in Crop Science.