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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

James A Pfister (Jim)








Poisonous Plant Research Lab

1150 E 1400 N

N Logan, UT 84341








1983 - PhD - Range Animal Nutrition; Utah State University

1979 - MS - Range Science; New Mexico State University

1977 - BS - Animal Science; Utah State University











Research Interests

Plant animal interactions involved in consumption of toxic plants.  Effects of toxic plant consumption on animal behavior.  Nutritional status of grazing animals and effects on consumption of poisonous plants.  Grazing management of livestock to reduce risk of losses to poisonous plants.


Significant Accomplishments

  • Developed grazing management recommendations for cattle on tall larkspur infested rangelands
  • Determined relationship between toxicity and palatability in larkspurs, and elucidated cyclic consumption patterns of larkspurs by cattle
  • Determined impacts of cattle body condition and nutritional status on pine needle ingestion by cattle
  • Determined effects of locoweed on maternal/offspring behaviors


Last Modified: 9/25/2017
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