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Selected Publications
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••        Adler, P.R., M.A. Sanderson, P.J. Weimer, and K.P. Vogel. 2009. Plant species composition and biofuel yields of conservation grasslands. Ecol. Appl. (in press).

••        Robertson, G.P., V.H. Dale, O.C. Doering, S.P. Hamburg, J.M. Melillo, M.M. Wander, W.J. Parton, P.R. Adler, J. Barney, R.M. Cruse, C.S. Duke, P.M. Fearnside, R.F. Follett, H.K. Gibbs, J. Goldemberg, D.J. Mladenoff, D. Ojima, M.W. Palmer, A. Sharpley, L. Wallace, K.C. Weathers, J.A. Wiens, and W.W. Wilhelm. 2008. Sustainable biofuels redux. Science 322:49-50. (pdf reprint)

••        Sanderson, M.A. and P.R. Adler. 2008. Perennial forages as second generation bioenergy crops. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 9 :768-788. (pdf reprint)

••        Adler, P.R., S.J. Del Grosso, and W.J. Parton. 2007. Life-cycle assessment of net greenhouse-gas flux for bioenergy cropping systems. Ecol. Appl. 17(3):675-691. (pdf reprint)

••        Sanderson, M.A., Martin, N.P., and Adler, P.R. 2007. Biomass, Energy, and Industrial Uses of Forages, pp. 635-647. In R.F. Barnes, C.J. Nelson, K.J. Moore, and M. Collins (eds.). Forages, Volume II: The Science of Grassland Agriculture. 6th Edition. Blackwell Publishing, Ames, Iowa. (pdf reprint)

••        Sanderson, M.A., P.R. Adler, A.A. Boateng, M.D. Casler, and G. Sarath. 2006. Switchgrass as a biofuels feedstock in the USA. Can. J. Plant Sci. 86:1315-1325. (pdf reprint)

••        Adler, P.R., M.A. Sanderson, A.A. Boateng, P.J. Weimer, and H.G. Jung. 2006. Biomass yield and biofuel quality of switchgrass harvested in fall or spring. Agron. J. 98:1518-1525. (pdf reprint)

••        Boateng, A.A., H.G. Jung, and P.R. Adler. 2006. Pyrolysis of energy crops including alfalfa stems, reed canarygrass, and eastern gamagrass. Fuel 85: 2450-2457. (pdf reprint)