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Downscaled Climate Data for IFSM
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Downscaled Climate Data

Downscaled climate data (1950 to 2100) are available for 78 locations across the United States formatted for use in IFSM. Each location includes 18 climate files created using 9 general circulation models (GCM) and 2 projected emission scenarios. Emission scenarios include Representative Concentration Pathways (RCP) 4.5 and 8.5 where RCP 4.5 represents a somewhat optimistic outlook for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and 8.5 represents continuing the current trend for emissions. To download long term weather data, click a site on the map below for info and a direct download link, or visit the download directory to download .zip files for available sites:


When the downloaded file is expanded, you will obtain 18 individual weather files for that location. The name of the file includes an abbreviation for the GCM and RCP used to create that file. Names and abbreviations for the 9 GCMs are as follows:

General Circulation Model


Community Climate System Model 4


Centre National de Recherches Meteorologiques Circulation Model 5


Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization Mark 3


Hadley Centre Global Environment Model 2 CC


Institute for Numerical Mathematics Climate Model 4


Institut Pierre Simon Laplace Coupled Model 5A LR


Model for Interdisciplinary Research on Climate 5


Max-Planck Institute Earth System Model LR


Meteorological Research Institute Coupled Global Climate Model 3



Each file contains 150 years of daily weather data in a text format to be read and used by IFSM. For use in IFSM, the files must be placed in the same folder along with other input parameter files used by the model. The desired weather file can then be selected within IFSM where any period of up to 26 years within the 150 years can be simulated. This provides weather patterns for simulating farms from recent history through the end of the century.

The downscaled projected climate data was developed and provided by Anne Stoner and Katharine Hayhoe of Texas Tech University.