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BeefGEM Download Instructions
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These instructions provide a general procedure for downloading and installing the Beef Gas Emissions Model (BeefGEM) software. Some variation in terminology and available procedures exists among Windows Operating Systems. These generic instructions should provide a successful installation with any Windows system. Other procedures specific to your operating system and available software may work. 

  1. BeefGEM is for use with Windows XP and above operating systems. 
  1. Click on the BeefGEM download link. Before downloading the model, we ask that you fill out the registration so that we can keep a record of users. This information is not distributed or used for any purposes other than our records.
  1. After registering, a file download screen should appear. If the window does not appear, this may be caused by your web browser being set to block pop-ups. There should be an Information Bar near the top of your window. Click the bar, and a window should appear with an option to allow downloading of the file. Open the download window, choose the file for the version you want (we recommend the latest) and click the file.
  1. Your browser may block the download of the file because it is "not commonly downloaded". If this occurs, you will need to provide permission to allow the download and installation.
  1. You may be given the option to open the downloaded file. If the open option is used, follow the prompts to extract all program files and complete the installation.
  1. Otherwise, the BGEMinstall.msi file will be saved in the "Download Folder" on your computer. This installation file can be executed by double clicking the file. Follow the prompts to extract all program files and complete the installation. 
  1. The installation extracts compressed files and copies them to a new permanent directory or folder. By default, the data folder is C:\BeefGEMXX where XX is the version number, but you can change this location during the installation if you prefer something different. The installation also creates a shortcut on your desktop labeled BeefGEM X.X. This shortcut can be moved or removed if it is not wanted.
  1. BeefGEM is now ready for use. Click the BeefGEM icon to enter the main window. The model is initially set to represent a beef farm in Pennsylvania. Other farms, ranches and feedlots are also provided along with weather files for all 50 states of the U.S. After starting with the default farm, other predefined farms and locations can be selected and farm parameter changes can be made. Help in using the model can be obtained at any point by pressing the F1 key, using the context sensitive help, or by selecting User Help from the Help menu.
  1. If the graphic output of the model does not function properly, an adjustment of your display settings will be required. The graphics function best when the "size of text, apps, and other items" is set to 100%. If the graphics are distorted, your display can be adjusted by making a mouse left click on your display and choosing "Display settings". For "Scale and layout", select 100%. This should allow the graphics to display properly.
  1. NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL USERS: If the program fails to load, the problem is likely in reading numbers in the default data files. The Windows operating system must be configured to read numbers as they are used in the United States (i.e. 1,000.00). If the use of the comma and period are reversed, the program will fail. This problem can be corrected by opening the Regional and Language Options in the Windows Control Panel of your computer. After entering this dialog box, select English for the United States as the preferred regional setting or use the customize option to accept numbers in this required format.


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