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Stomach Worms
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Systematics Success Stories

Molecular diagnostics and identification of large and medium stomach worms, primary pathogens of livestock worldwide.

Problem: Morphological similarity and intraspecific polymorphism for an array of significant nematode pathogens in ruminants has led to confusion regarding their evolution, classification, and diagnosis. Adequate intervention and control of large stomach worms, Haemonchus, and medium stomach worms, Ostertagia and Teladorsagia, is linked to accurate identification of parasites in bovine and caprine hosts.

Solution: Large scale analysis of a class of economically important Trichostrongyle parasites (estimated losses of $2 billion annually in the US) involving 4 genera, 10 species and over 30,000 base sequences was performed to better elucidate relationships within these parasite groups.

Among the important findings:Impact: (Contact- Dr. Dan Zarlenga, Bovine Functional Genomics Laboratory).