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Major Issues
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Systematics research and service cut across a wide spectrum of major agricultural issues including invasive species, biosecurity, quarantine, emerging diseases, pest control and mitigation.

In addition, our unique collections and services impact on a broad range of sciences from conservation biology to biodiversity studies. Although all biological sciences depend on systematic data in some form, systematics is increasingly seen as a science in decline, lacking the resources to adequately fulfill its mission.

In today's changing environment when a single introduction of a new invasive plant or animal can cost U.S. consumers billions of dollars, change the character of our natural environment, and threaten the health and well being of all Americans, reinvigorating these programs has become of urgent national importance.

Invasive Species and systematics

Regulatory and quarantine issues and systematics

Biosecurity and Systematics

Pest Control/Management and Systematics

State and Future of the Collections