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Statistics Group
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Dr. Bryan Vinyard, Director

The Statistics Group promotes the application of up-to-date statistical science and ensures the quality of statistical methodology in Northeast Area research. The Statistics Group provides support in design, analysis, and presentation of research.

Matt Kramer

Strategies for reducing control group size in experiments using live animals mp4

P-values: Part I, an introduction mp4 pdf

P-values: Part II mp4 pdf

R-squared for mixed models mp4

Estimating the subject by treatment interaction in non-replicated crossover diet studies mp4 pdf

Statistical issues in horticulture: common issues and some fixes mp4 pdf

Mary Camp

Creating tidy data sets for statistical analysis Part 1

Creating tidy data sets for statistical analysis Part 2

Introduction to SAS Beginning: Part 1

Introduction to SAS Beginning: Part 2

Introduction to SAS Beginning: Part 3

Introduction to SAS: Part 1A

Introduction to SAS: Part 1B

Introduction to SAS: Part 1C

Install R and RStudio mp4 pdf

Introduction to R Packages mp4 pdf

Install Packages in RGui mp4

Install Packages in RStudio mp4


Bryan Vinyard

Tips for Students: Collaborative Research in Statistics and Bioinformatics mp4 pdf

Repeated Measures ANOVA - Part 1 Notation and Motivation mp4 pdf

Repeated Measures - Part 2 Correlation in ANOVA Framework mp4

Repeated Measures - Part 3 Choosing a Covariance Structure mp4 MixedModels.AppendixE

Repeated Measures - Part 4a Example Data Set mp4 pdf.MixedModels.Chapter5

Repeated Measures - Part 4b Example using SAS PROC MIXED mp4 SAS.ANOVAProgram data.Cows.csv LettersByMeansSASMacro


 Staff Homepages:  Bryan Vinyard, Mary Camp, Matt Kramer


Statistics Group
Beltsville Agricultural Research Center
Bldg. 003, Rooms 229E, 330, 331; BARC-West
10300 Baltimore Avenue
Beltsville, Maryland 20705

Phone: (301) 504-8121
FAX: (301) 504-9442