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NAA Video Library
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The following videos and CDs are available for your use. Please submit your request via the request form or contact B DiSalvo. The items will be sent to you when they're available. 

1. "Controlling Your Risks, HIV in the Research Laboratory"HHMI28 Minutes
2. "Radionuclide Hazards"HHMI12 Minutes
3. Set One: "Radionuclide Hazards", "Chemical Hazards", "Emergency Response"HHMI34 Minutes
4. Set Two: "Centrifugation Hazards", "Chemical Storage Hazards", "Glassware Washing Hazards"HHMI30 Minutes
5. "Emergency Response"HHMI12 Minutes
6. "Chemical Hazards"HHMI10 Minutes
7. "Practicing Safe Science"HHMI29 Minutes
8. "Bloodborne Pathogens"HHMI21 Minutes
9. "Your Right to Know"Tel-A-Train16 Minutes
10. "Chemical Safety in the Laboratory"Tel-A-Train22 Minutes
11. "Chemical Safety I: Proper Handling"Tel-A-Train20 Minutes
12. "Chemical Safety II: Health Hazards"Tel-A-Train20 Minutes
13. "Chemical Safety III: Fire and Explosion"Tel-A-Train20 Minutes
14. "The Lab Standard and Employee Compliance"Tel-A-Train17 Minutes
15. "Hearing Safety"Tel-A-Train18 Minutes
16. "The Care and Use of APR's"Tel-A-Train13 Minutes
17. "Respirator Safety"Tel-A-Train16 Minutes
18. "Spill Response and You"ECRI10 Minutes
19. "Lockout/Tagout Procedures"ECRI16 Minutes
20. "Spill Response and You"ECRI12 Minutes
21. "Radiation and Our Environment"#94-ARS-2921 Minutes
22. "ARS Hazardous Waste Disposal Program" - Tape 1USDA63 Minutes
23. "ARS Hazardous Waste Disposal Program" - Tape 3USDA35 Minutes
24. "Radiation and Our Environment"#94-ARS-7 
25. "USDA/US EPA Lab Compliance with RCRA"EPA20 Minutes
26. "Fit Test Procedures"Wilson Safety Products  
27. "Laboratory Safety, The OSHA Laboratory Standard"LongIsland Productions39 Minutes
28. "Safe Use of Biological Safety Cabinets" 22 Minutes
29. "Hazard Communication: Right to Know"   
30. "Respirator Fit Testing"Wilson Safety Products 
31. "The DuPont Response" 25 Minutes
32. "Safety, Health, and Environmental Management, We All Play a Role"USDA  
33. "Succeeding As A Collateral Duty Safety Officer"USDA 
34. "Laboratory Hoods" 13 Minutes
35. Set Three: "Mammalian Cell Culture Hazards", "X-Ray Diffraction Hazards", "Assessing Risks of Toxic Chemicals"HHMI28 Minutes
36. "Air Bags"VNR  
37. "Bike Hazard"PA Dept. of Transportation 
38. "Pedestrian Safety"Federal Highway Administration 
39. "Precious Cargo, Protecting the Children Who Ride With You"  
40. "Heat Stress"  
41. "Elements of Pruning"  
42. "Safe Operations of Lift Trucks"  
43. "Operational Loader/Backhoe Safety Training"  
44."OSHA 600A CDSO Course"  
45."Hazardous Waste Management at Laboratories and Research Facilities  18 Minutes

46."USDA/APHIS Environmental Management System Version 1" Aglearn 

 USDA/APHIS 15 Minutes