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Henry A.Wallace Exhibit
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Portrait of Henry A. Wallace

Henry A. Wallace changed the face of American agriculture during his career as a scientist and as Secretary of Agriculture. On June 6, 2000, the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center was renamed in honor of him.

Press release (Agricultural Research Service)

Exhibit Contents

  1. "Knowledge grows.."

  2. George Washington Carver..

  3. "To see rich land.."

  4. "The soil is the mother of man.."

  5. "The cause of liberty.."

  6. Wallace flew in the face of tradition..

  7. "..a new science called ecology.."

  8. Believing science to be the best hope..

  9. "The science of sustained yield.."

  10. ..the first commercial hybrid corn..

  11. of the country's greatest Secretaries of Agriculture..

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