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El Hadji Malick Cisse

Visiting Scientist

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Research Interests

As a young plant physiologist, my research has been influenced by my extensive experience studying plants under single or combined abiotic stresses. This challenging and fascinating field of study has honed my scientific skills and fueled my passion for understanding how plants respond to environmental stressors. My primary research goal is to gain a profound understanding of plant (perennial and annual crops and forest trees) responses to abiotic stress, ranging from observable morphological and physiological changes to the underlying genetic mechanisms. This comprehensive approach is crucial in deciphering the complex interactions and adaptations within plants when faced with adverse environmental conditions. Great thinkers (Michael Faraday, Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur, and Auguste Comte) have shaped my perspective on the importance of observation, experimentation, and the ruthless pursuit of knowledge. In line with Auguste Comte, "All good intellects have repeated, since Bacon's time, that there can be no real knowledge but that which is based on observed facts," I firmly believe in the power of experimental science as a tool for understanding the natural world. Similarly, Albert Einstein's perspective on experimental science profoundly influences my approach. Einstein once remarked, "The only source of knowledge is experience."