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The Adaptive Cropping Systems Laboratory (ACSL), applies systems theory as well as basic and applied research to the complex problem of managing and adapting agricultural systems within a background of changing climate. The laboratory carries out research to:

  • Assess and understand the responses of crops to changes in carbon dioxide, temperature, light, and water;
  • Improve nutrient use efficiency and food safety; and
  • Develop safe and beneficial uses for agricultural and industrial byproducts. Scientists in ACSL are successfully developing models, databases, and expert systems to assess and identify the complex interactions of the changing environment on crop growth, and the environmental impacts of agriculture.
The Adaptive Cropping Systems Laboratory is located in Beltsville, MD and is part of the Northeast Area.
The Research Leader is Vangimalla Reddy.
Phone: 301-504-5872
Fax: 301-504-5823
BLDG. 001, RM. 342, BARC-WEST
Beltsville, MD 20705