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Crop Land And Soil Simulator

What is CLASSIM?
  • CLASSIM is a graphical user interface (GUI) for a suite of models developed by USDA-ARS. The interface provides a simplified tool to assemble input data for a model simulation. 
  • CLASSIM simplifies   the use of crop models and provides visualization of results for easy access to crop models
  • Models included are MAIZSIM (Maize), SPUDSIM (Potato), GLYCIM (Soybean), GOSSYM (Cotton), and RYESIM (Cereal Rye) and the soil model (2DSOIL) which can be run for fallow situations. 
Capabilities of CLASSIM
  • Facilitates the entry of input of model data (weather, soil, and management)
  • Advanced visualization of output data
  • single and multi season simulations
  • Ability to access U.S. National weather and soil databases
  • Quarriable database to allow advanced data analysis
  • Ability to carry out climate sensitivity analysis for water, temperature, and CO2
  • Simulation of management practices including rye residue mulch, irrigation, tillage and fertilization. 

 Paper about CLASSIM 




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