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Elizabeth Pappas
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B.S. University of Wisconsin (1995)

M.S.MontanaStateUniversity (1997) 

Ph.D.IowaStateUniversity (2000)


Research interests:

Herbicides and source water protection

Soil quality and herbicide transport

Urbanization and hydrologic change


Also known as:

"Elizabeth Warnemuende" (prior to 07/07)



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Primary Author Peer-Reviewed Publications:


Pappas, E.A., Huang, C., Bonta, J.V.  2011.  Do upslope impervious surfaces impact the run-on/runoff relationship? Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 16(4): 345-350.[Click to View]


Pappas, E.A., Huang, C.  2008.  Predicting atrazine levels in water utility intake water for MCL compliance.  Environmental Science and Technology 42(19): 7064-7068.  [Click to View]


Pappas, E.A., Kanwar, R.S., Baker, J.L., Lorimor, J.C., Mickelson, S.  2008.  Fecal indicator bacteria in subsurface drain water following swine manure application.  Transactions of the ASABE 51(5):1567-1573. [Click to View]


Pappas, E.A., Huang, C., Buchholz, D.  2008.  Implications of sampling frequency to herbicide conservation effects assessment. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 63(6):410-419.  [Click to View]


Pappas, E.A., Smith, D.R., Huang, C., Shuster, W.D., Bonta J.V. 2008. Impervious surface impacts to runoff and sediment discharge under laboratory rainfall simulation. Catena 72:146-152. [Click to View]


Rocha, C.,Pappas, E.A., Huang, C. 2008. Determination of trace triazines and chloroacetamides in tile-fed ditch water using solid-phase microextraction coupled with GC-MS. Environmental Pollution 152:239-244. [Click to View]


Pappas, E.A., Smith, D.R. 2007. Effects of dredging an agricultural drainage ditch on water column herbicide concentrations, as predicted by fluvarium techniques. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. 62(4):262-268. [Click to View]


Warnemuende, E.A., Patterson, J.P, Smith, D.R, Huang, C. 2007. Effects of tilling no-till soil on losses of atrazine and glyphosate to runoff water under variable intensity simulated rainfall. Soil and Tillage Research 95:19-26. [Click to View]


Warnemuende, E.A., R.S. Kanwar. 2002. Effects of swine manure application on bacterial quality of leachate from intact soil columns. Transactions of the ASAE 45(6): 1849-1857. [Click to View]



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