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Breakpoint Climate Generator
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Breakpoint Climate Data Generator Version 2 (BPCDG2)


This is an update to the original BPCDG. The Excel spreadsheet contains VBA modules to translate observed weather data into a breakpoint climate file that can be used as input to WEPP.

Documentation: BreakPoint Climate Data Generator 2.0

Download BPCDG2 click here

Breakpoint Climate Data Generator (BPCDG)


To test the overall performance of any new prediction tool, model parameters can be taken directly from observed data sets or generated using different interface mechanisms. This paper presents a relatively simple program, BPCDG (Breakpoint Climate Data Generator), which generates breakpoint climate data using observed standard weather data sets that can then be used as input for the Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) model. Currently the CLIGEN model is used to generate daily climate input data for WEPP. However, CLIGEN itself requires specially formatted monthly statistical weather data as input, which are not readily available in many countries. In the context of this problem, BPCDG has many advantages. First, it allows direct use of observed storm and other daily standard climate data sets. Second, it is easy to apply, and the input files required can be created with any text editor. Third, it doesn't confront a user with various statistical procedures for preparing input data sets for the model itself. Fourth, the input data can be found in any standard climate station and there is no need for special climate stations, such as the 15-minute precipitation recording stations in the US. The BPCDG model requires four input files that can be created by any text editor or can be updated from existing database systems. Procedures for model operation, input file preparation, and formatting mechanisms are described in this paper. Options for quantifying qualitatively observed data, error checking, and control mechanisms are also provided. The WEPP model was tested at Anjeni Research Unit, Ethiopia, and it performed very well using a climate file generated by BPCDG.

Keywords: Breakpoint climate data, weather data, WEPP, BPCDG, CLIGEN, erosion modeling, runoff, soil loss.

Complete Documentation "Break Point Climate Data Generator for WEPP Using Observed Standard Weather Data Sets"

Download BPCDG click here