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BPCDG Install
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Breakpoint Climate Data Generator (BPCDG)

Download Page

(If you have already installed the WEPP Windows interface than the BPCDG program can be found in the data/climates/bpcdg subdirectory - it does not have to be downloaded and installed again)

Download the ZIP file BPCDG.ZIP (if you don't already have the WEPP Windows interface installed)

February 29, 2000

The file BPCDG.ZIP is an archive containing all of the files needed to run the BPCDG program.

To install the BPCDG - BreakPoint Climate Data Generator program on your computer and obtain a set of sample input and output files, create a directory to place the files, for example "BPCDG". Copy the file BPCDG.ZIP to the directory, then extract the files. It will create the following files:

README.TXT  an information text file
BPCDG.DOC Word 6.0/95/97/2000 format model documentation
BPCDG.EXE DOS executable program
AJ1986PL.CSV sample rainfall data input file
AJ1986CS.CSV  sample temperature & wind data input file
AJ1986CL.DAT sample wind tables, radiation, dew point
temperature data input file
AJ1986ST.DAT sample station data input file
AJ1986PL.CTL sample rainfall control output file
AJ1986CS.CTL sample other weather data control output file
AJ1986.ERR sample program error control output file
AJ1986.CLI sample WEPP climate file output by BPCDG

To run the program, either double-click on the file BPCDG while in Windows Explorer, or while in a DOS window type BPCDG and enter. The BPCDG program will prompt you for the two letter station id code (for the sample files the code is "AJ"), and the year of data to use (for the sample files the year is 1986). The program will overwrite existing output files.

Please see the file README.TXT as well as the BPCDG model documentation for more information.

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