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The mission of the Harry K. Dupree Stuttgart National Aquaculture Research Center is to conduct aquaculture research to address the highest priority needs of the U.S. aquaculture industry. The Center’s research program is composed of in-house research projects in Stuttgart, AR. The Center's research programs focus primarily in two areas: 1) Freshwater Systems Production Research, including development of feeds and improved culture strategies for warmwater fish species, such as hybrid striped bass, channel catfish, and hybrid catfish; and, 2) Disease Therapeutics Evaluation and Control Research for warmwater fish species, including catfish, trout,tilapia, baitfish, hybrid catfish and hybrid striped bass. Specific objectives include: 1) characterization of genetic variation of white bass and hybrid striped bass resistance to disease and develop strategies to control disease; 2) evaluation of novel compounds and methods to treat bacterial and fungal fish diseases; 3) development of strategies to improve production system efficiency; 4) refinement of nutrient requirements, evaluate alternate sources of protein, and develop practical feed formulas for Morone culture; 5) characterization of genetic and phenotypic contributions of important production traits for improving Morone management and reproduction; and 6) development of a transcriptome of genes in hybrid striped bass.
The Harry K. Dupree Stuttgart National Aquaculture Research Cntr is located in Stuttgart, AR and is part of the Southeast Area.
The Acting Research Leader is Yulin Jia.
Phone: 870-672-9300
Fax: 870-673-7710
PO BOX 1050
2955 Hwy. 130 East
Stuttgart, AR 72160