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The mission of the Crop Genetics Research Unit is to (1) develop knowledge of the biology of cotton and soybean plants including their genetic, physiological, and pest resistance interactions with the environment; (2) discover heritable plant characteristics that confer resistance or tolerance to adverse environmental pressures, pests and diseases and improve quality; (3) coordinate the National Cotton Variety Tests and the Uniform Soybean Tests for the southern U.S.; (4) maintain and evaluate a soybean germplasm collection; (5) release improved germplasm, and use this knowledge and new germplasm to enhance production and improve the environment.
The Crop Genetics Research is located in Stoneville, MS and is part of the Southeast Area.
The Research Leader is Salliana Stetina.
Phone: (662)686-5476
Fax: (662)686-5476
USDA, ARS, SEA, Crop Genetics Research Unit
141 Experiment Station Road
Stoneville, MS 38776