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Linthicum, Kenneth J
Center Director
(352) 374-5700
1600 S.W. 23RD DRIVE
Gainesville FL 32608

The Center conducts research on insects of agricultural, medical and veterinary importance with the goal of achieving control of pest species through the development of environmentally acceptable approaches. Emphasisis placed on developing components and systems for integrated pest management, based upon an understanding of the behavior, physiology and ecology of pest species. Sensitive detection devices that employ semio-chemicals and electronic technology will provide the means for early intervention. Investigations will lead to biological control based on parasites, predators and microbes, and thus provide alternative, bio-rational tools for managing populations of pest species. Special attentionis focused on insect pests of field & horticultural crops, stored products and on arthropod pests of medical and veterinary importance. Protection of humans from arthropods of medical importance is a continuing priority. Thescope of the Center's research is national and international and impacts agricultural production, postharvest storage and transport of agricultural commodities, and protection from household & disease carrying arthropods. Research is conducted to meet the needs of state & federal regulatory agen-cies, DOD, industry, universities, growers, commodity groups & the public.

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