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WinSRFR 5.1.1

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WinSRFR is a hydraulic analysis tool for surface irrigation systems. The simulator predicts the surface and subsurface flow of water as a function of system geometry, infiltration, hydraulic resistance, and inflow management. The software also integrates evaluation, operational analysis, and design functionalities. Intended users are irrigation specialists, extension agents, researchers, consultants, students, and farmers with moderate to advanced knowledge of surface irrigation hydraulics. WinSRFR 5.1 is the fifth major release of the software (September 2019). WinSRFR 5.1 adds an option for modeling furrow infiltration based on the Green-Ampt equation, an option for modeling border infiltration with the one-dimensional Richards equation, a new evaluation component (EVALUE) that can be used for the estimation of infiltration and hydraulic resistance parameters, a fertigation simulation component based on advective-dispersive transport principles, and new options for specifying furrow infiltration for operational and design analyses.

WinSRFR 5.1.1. Release Notes
This version addresses the following problems found in Version 5.1
1. Under some conditions, fertigation simulations with dispersion calculations produced anomalous results with closed-end systems. These problems were traced in part to an incorrect implementation of the boundary conditions. However, errors are also the result of low velocity conditions, under which dispersion calculations are very sensitive. The former problem was corrected. The latter problem was partially addressed and can still cause some oscillations in the computed hydrographs near a blocked downstream boundary.
2. Fertigation calculations previously offered the Fischer equation as an option for calculating the dispersion coefficient Kx. This option is only available now for research purposes as it produces extreme values under some flow conditions. The Elder equation is still available for dispersivity calculations and a specified dispersivity option was added. When using the Elder equation, the Fertigation output tab reports the average dispersivity value calculated at either the cutoff time or the final advance time. The user manual was updated to reflect changes to the dispersivity calculation options.
3. When conducting a fertigation simulation in combination with HYDRUS, WinSRFR reported incorrect solute mass values, due to a conversion error from HYDRUS outputs. That problem has been corrected.

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