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WinSRFR 5.1.1

WinSRFR is a hydraulic analysis tool for surface irrigation systems. The software combines simulation, evaluation, operational analysis, and design functionalities. WinSRFR 5.1.1 is the most recent release of the software (December 2019).



The UCPNM (Upland Cotton Petiole Nitrogen Management) application provides interpretation for cotton petiole nitrate data. Users can enter in-season petiole nitrate-N data in ppm from just before first square up to peak bloom. Secondly it is necessary to enter either the cotton growth stage or growing degree days since planting. The application returns information in graph form of what category the petiole nitrate data is in: deficient, optimal, or excessive. If deficient, a Nitrogen fertilizer application recommendation is given. The guidelines are based on Pennington and Tucker (1984), with the exception that we have lowered the deficiency line by 1000 ppm. The application is based on long-season, irrigated, low and high elevation arid cotton areas, so it may not be applicable for shorter season and humid cotton growing regions.


This application is available as either a web application or a Windows application.  Both are available using the Download link below.



WinFlume 2.1

WinFlume is a software package for the hydraulic analysis of long-throated flumes and broad-crested weirs. These are flow measurement devices for open channels that operate on the principle of critical flow. WinFlume 2.1 is the most recent release of the software (September, 2023).