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Research Project: Operate and Improve the GRIN-Global Information Management System and Other GRIN Websites to Support USDA/ARS Genetic Resource Collections

Location: National Germplasm Resources Laboratory

Project Number: 8042-21000-301-000-D
Project Type: In-House Appropriated

Start Date: Mar 26, 2023
End Date: Mar 25, 2028

Objective 1: Improve the capabilities of the GRIN-Global information management system, in alignment with the overall NPGS Plan, to meet the needs of NPGS genebanks and external users, including avoiding backlogs in data curation and expanding automated data sharing with other research and service databases. Sub-objective/Goal 1A: Improve the GRIN-Global database, middle tier, and presentation tier features and functions. Sub-objective/Goal 1B: Expand automated data sharing with other research and service databases. Objective 2: Operate all GRIN sites, primarily GRIN-Global, to document and safeguard genetic resources, deliver relevant and accurate information to users and stakeholders, and comply with all information security requirements. Sub-objective/Goal 2A: Publish open access information about agricultural genetic resource collections, and plant genebank operations and training information. Sub-objective 2B: Document GRIN-Global with guides and manuals and train internal and external users to ensure efficient and productive use of the system. Sub-objective 2C: Operate all GRIN websites with maximum availability and in compliance with policies and procedures to protect information confidentiality and integrity.

The GRIN-Global software will be enhanced by the development team using appropriate tools, principles, and practices. The features and functions will be improved for the curator tool used by National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS) genebank staff, the administrator tool used by system administrators, the middle tier that determines the business rules, and the public website used by global scientists and germplasm requestors. New software releases will be scheduled at regular intervals. All released versions of the software will be deposited into the GRIN-Global international code repository and made freely available to collaborators. The project will emphasize creating real-time conduits for automated sharing as both a provider and receiver of plant genetic resources related data. The project will provide as much technical assistance to international partners as is feasible, and will participate in global genebank community discussion, planning and implementation events. Documentation, training, and help materials will be developed using a variety of formats to ensure maximal and efficient utilization of the system. Genebank staff will be offered regular opportunities to receive training on using GRIN-Global. The project will provide secure and reliable access to the information management system for internal and external users. All hardware and software components will be operated in compliance with USDA and ARS information security policies and procedures. The project will also operate the GRIN website that documents the USDA National Genetic Resources Program. These include providing public access to informational pages or searchable databases for animal, microbial, and plant collections. GRIN will serve as a public repository of information about the activities of the National Genetic Resources Advisory Council of USDA. The project will also operate the GRIN-U website as an open access resource for online learning on topics related to plant genetic resources conservation and use.