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Research Project: Molecular Diagnostic Development for Tomato torrado virus and Other Torradoviruses in Seeds and Plant Material of Related Vegetable Crops -Corvallis

Location: Horticultural Crops Production and Genetic Improvement Research

Project Number: 2072-21220-003-040-I
Project Type: Interagency Reimbursable Agreement

Start Date: Jul 30, 2021
End Date: Jul 29, 2022

Objective 1: Develop a multiplex real-time RT-PCR for screening detection of tomato torrado virus (ToTV) in plants and seeds to include internal plant control. Objective 2: Develop a conventional RT-PCR for confirmatory detection of ToTV in plants and seeds matrices to be combined with sequencing for identification. Objective 3: Develop a multiplex real-time RT-PCR for detection of several torradoviruses infecting tomato.

Primers and probes will be developed to known sequences of ToTV and existing tomato infecting torradoviruses. For the ToTV multiplex real-time RT-PCR, two primer/probe sets to target y capsid (coat) protein (CP) and RNA-dependent RNA Polymerase (RdRp) will be selected and evaluated. For the ToTV conventional RT-PCR, primer sets will be developed to the most characteristic gene sequences of size that provide enough sensitivity and specificity.