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Research Project: Use of Pistachio Mummy Volatiles as Lures for Navel Orangeworm

Location: Foodborne Toxin Detection and Prevention Research

Project Number: 2030-42000-054-004-T
Project Type: Trust Fund Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Mar 1, 2020
End Date: Mar 31, 2023

Many different monitoring methods such as almond meal, synthetic blends of pheromones or host plant volatiles are available and used successfully for monitoring navel orangeworm (NOW) infestation in almond orchards. However, these NOW lures are not as effective when used in pistachio orchards. Previous studies have shown that traps baited with pistachio mummies caught significantly more NOW than other types of traps in both almond and pistachio orchards. We have used electroantennography (EAG) responses from male or female NOW to identify about 120 pistachio mummy-specific volatiles and subsequently tested their field effectiveness as NOW lures throughout one pistachio and almond growing season. A 3-component blend was formulated that increased NOW capture from 30-50% when placed in conjunction with pheromones. Field trial results also indicated that female NOW needed more than chemical cues in order to be lured to traps and that other environmental cues need to be investigated. Our project objectives are to: 1) Optimize the 3-component pistachio lure with other pistachio mummy volatiles identified from EAG responses in NOW; 2) Test volatile blends for NOW attraction in pistachio orchards at different flights under conventional and mating disruption conditions; and 3) Test optimized lures in different trap configurations to improve NOW capture. Identification of a new NOW lure for use in pistachio orchards would improve pest monitoring and lead to more effective application of IPM for NOW control.

To achieve the proposed objectives, we will: 1) Optimize pistachio mummy volatile blend we identified in 2019 that elicited increased field responses in NOW when used with pheromone by adding additional components that have high male and female NOW EAG response. Test individual or blends of volatile candidates in lab bioassays. 2) Candidate lures will be field tested throughout the growing season and during the various flights of NOW activity in pistachio and almond orchards under conventional and mating disruption conditions as determined by UC Riverside, and a field collaborator; 3) Test different trap designs to optimize female NOW capture.