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Wayne Polley
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H. Wayne Polley

Grassland Soil and Water Research Laboratory
808 East Blackland Rd.
Temple, TX 76502

Phone: (254) 770-6629



fax: (254) 770-6561


Baylor University, Bachelor of Science, Biology, 1979

University of Oklahoma, Master of Science, Botany, 1983

Colorado State University, Ph.D., Range Science, 1987


Research Interests


Grassland ecology - soil carbon, plant water relations, primary productivity, biodiversity, ecosystem C fluxes and ecosystem impacts of rising atmospheric (CO2) concentration and precipitation variability.



Current Research Projects


Lysimeter CO2 Gradient Experiment (Description)

Sustainability of ecosystem services in Southern Plains grasslands


Laboratory Personnel


Chris Kolodziejczyk


Katherine Jones




Recent Publications

Polley, H.W., C.A. Kolodziejczyk, K.A. Jones, J.D. Derner, D.J. Augustine, and D.R. Smith. 2022. UAV–enabled quantification of grazing-induced changes in uniformity of green cover on semiarid and mesic grasslands.  Rangeland Ecology and Management, 80(1): 68-77.

Menefee, D.S., H. Collins, D. Smith, R.L. Haney, P. Fay, and W. Polley. 2022. Cropping management in a livestock–pasture–crop integration modifies microbial communities, activity, and soil health score. Journal of Environmental Quality, 1–14.

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Fay, P.A., D. Hui, R.B. Jackson, H.P. Collins, L.G. Reichmann, M.J. Aspinwall, V.L. Jin, A.R> Khasanova, R.W. Heckman, and H.W. Polley. 2021. Multiple constraints cause positive and negative feedbacks limiting grassland soil CO2 efflux under CO2 enrichment.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 118(Issue 2).

Katerina Georgiou, K., R.B. Jackson, O. Vindušková, R.Z. Abramoff, A. Ahlstrom, W. Feng, J.W. Harden, H.W. Polley, W.J. Riley, M.S. Torn. Global capacity and controls of mineral-associated carbon in soils. Submitted: Proceedings National Academy of Sciences, January 8, 2021. Submitted: Nature Geosciences, February 23, 2021.

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Polley, H.W., H.P. Collins, and P.A. Fay. 2020.  Biomass production and temporal stability are similar in switchgrass monoculture and diverse grassland.  Biomass and Bioenergy 142, 105758.

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Polley, H.W., C. Yang, B.J. Wilsey, and P.A. Fay. 2020. Spectrally derived values of community leaf dry matter content link shifts in grassland composition with change in biomass production. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation.

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