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Temporary Calver
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Position:  Temporary Calver


The primary purpose of this Research Laboratory is to conduct research in the scientific fields of range management, nutrition, beef cattle genetics and reproductive physiology.  Studies are designed to advance range beef cattle production in the Northern Great Plains. 


This position works in the Genetics, Physiology and Nutrition department with range beef cattle and is responsible for field data collection, calving, care and feeding of cattle on various research projects for Genetics, Physiology and Nutrition.


Duties and Responsibilities of Position:


                        General:  This position serves on Genetics, Physiology, and Nutrition crews.  The incumbent works with cows on various research projects.  Obstetrical assistance during calving, feeding, weighing, measuring, moving livestock from pasture to pasture, observation of herd health and other duties generally associated with livestock work are part of the responsibilities of this position.  General repair and maintenance of vehicles and equipment and facilities such as corrals and fences may be required.


            1.         Experience and knowledge of the calving of cows and heifers is necessary.  The incumbent must be able to recognize and know how to assist an animal during difficult births and other problems associated with calving.  The incumbent should have the knowledge to know when to call for assistance from the supervisor or a veterinarian when conditions warrant.


            2.         Record Keeping:  A necessary knowledge of weighing, tagging, tattooing, branding, dehorning, calving difficulties and recording this information accurately is essential.  Much of the research effort depends upon the field records,  the accuracy affects the success or failure of the research project.


            3.         A knowledge of cattle diseases and illness is essential.  The individual must be able to diagnose most diseases and know the proper treatment, also, keeping accurate records of such happenings.  The ability to recognize when the animal needs veterinary care is also necessary.


            4.         Vehicles:  Incumbent must be able to operate safely two wheel drive, four wheel drive pickups, loader tractors, hay feeding equipment, cake feeders, etc.


Physical Demands and Working Conditions:  Work will be performed in inclement weather.            Schedules may require work in other than normal hours.  Horseback riding, lifting, walking, exposure to sun, heat, cold, wind and pollen.  Incumbent is expected to dress appropriately for the work conditions.


Other Assignments:  This position may be assigned to other crews as the need arises.  Example:  Fence crew, farm crew, nutrition crew, etc.

Application for temporary/student employment. Please fill out completely. This is a fillable .pdf file.