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GIS data available for Fort Keogh LARRL


Here you can download zipped files to help build a Geographical Information System (GIS) for the Fort Keogh LARRL site containing 55,000 acres. Researchers may find these layers helpful in developing a basic GIS for our research site. All datasets have been clipped to focus on our specific research facility.


General map of Fort Keogh (.pdf format)

General map showing that Fort Keogh sits amidst some of the largest intact grassland/steppe habitat in the Great Plains.


Zipped files containing shape files require special viewers to see GIS data (see below).

Fort Keogh Updated 2014 -

Meta Data and (contains map of NRCS soil descriptions) (developed by NRCS)



Information for several free GIS data viewers are on the APFO website located here (link to We do not endorse any particular data viewer. Also, you can use your favorite web search engine with the phrase 'GIS Viewers' to locate other programs to view the GIS content.


To download statewide or regional content similar to what we provide consider browsing either of these GIS warehouse websites: or*


*Goes to non-federal site

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