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  • 2008 Research Support Award - College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station (MAFES) - Mississippi State University, US.
  • Student Research Poster Competition; Winner third place - Wei, L., Igathinathane, C., Pordesimo, L. O., Batchelor, W. D., and Lee, J. 2008. "A novel method for determination of surface area of biomass particles." The 7th Annual Southern Bioproducts and Renewable Energy Conference, Mississippi Biomass Council, Inc. April 14-15, 2008, Choctaw, Mississippi, US.
  • Life Sciences Poster Competition; Winner third place - Wei, L., Pordesimo, L. O., Wooten, J., Columbus, E. P., and Igathinathane. C. 2008. "Effects of operational parameters on syngas yield and quality in a downdraft gasifier." The 6th Annual Graduate Student Association (GSA) Research Symposium, April 4, 2008, Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, US.
  • Top 25 Article Citations - Elsevier Journals:
  • "Sieveless Particle Size Distribution of Particulate Materials through Computer Vision." Igathinathane, C., Pordesimo, L.O., Columbus, E.P., Batchelor, W.D., and Sokhansanj, S. 2009. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 66(2): 147-158.
  • "Direct mechanical energy measures of hammer mill comminution of switchgrass, wheat straw, and corn stover and analysis of their particle size distributions." Bitra, V. S. P., Womac, A. R., Chevanan, N., Miu, P. I., Igathinathane, C., Sokhansanj, S., and Smith, D. R. 2009. Powder Technology, 193(1): 32-45.
  • "Mass and Energy Analysis of Ethanol Production from Wood through Bioprocessing." Wei, L., Pordesimo, L.O., Igathinathane, C., and Batchelor, W.D. 2009. Biomass and Bioenergy, 33(2): 255-266.
  • "Shape Identification and Particles Size Distribution from Basic Shape Parameters using ImageJ." Igathinathane, C., Pordesimo, L.O., Columbus, E.P., Batchelor, W.D., and Methuku, S.R. 2008. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 63(2): 168-182.
  • "Interactive Computer Software for Leaf Area Measurement." Igathinathane, C., Prakash, V. S. S., Padma, U., Ravi Babu, G., and Womac, A. R. 2006. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 51(1-2): 1-16.
  • Who's Who in America? - 2010 (64th) Edition. Marquis Who's Who, NJ, US.
  • Who's Who Among Executives and Professionals - Bibliography selected in 2008-2009 "Honors Edition" - Madison Who's Who, Inc. MWW Publishing, NY, US.
  • Who's Who in Science and Engineering? - 2006-2007 (9th) Edition. Marquis Who's Who, NJ, US.


Professional Affiliations/Memberships

  • Member of Southern Regional USDA-CSREES Project S-1041, "The Science and Engineering for a Biobased Industry and Economy" - from 2010.
  • Member of Gamma Sigma Delta (GSD). Honor Society Mississippi State University Chapter, Division of Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine - from 2008 onwards.
  • Member of American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) - from 2004 onwards - (M.No: M1020072).
  • Life Member of Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers (ISAE) - from 2001 onwards
    (M.No: LM-9512).
  • Member of Editorial Board of Andhra Agricultural Journal (Engineering Division) - from 1997 to 2001.
  • Member of Andhra Agricultural Union 1993 to 2002.

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