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2020 AgSciences Seminar Series
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The 2019 Agricultural Sciences (AgSciences) Seminar Series at the Cropping Systems Research Laboratory (CSRL)



The AgSciences Seminar series was established through joint leaderships of Dr. Robert Lascano, Research Leader, Wind Erosion & Water Conservation (WEWC) Unit; Dr. Paxton Payton, Research Leader, Plant Stress & Germplasm Development (PSGD) Unit; with assistance from Dr. Gloria Burow, Research Geneticist, PSGD Unit, for the Cropping Systems Research Laboratory, USDA, ARS and strong support from Dr. David Brauer, Acting Laboratory Director of CSRL.  The seminar series aims to :  (1) provide a forum  for exchange of ideas and knowledge on various projects here at CSRL, USDA, ARS and within the Lubbock Agricultural research communities; (2) directly engage stakeholders on  technological and agricultural developments from research activities by  ARS scientists and University partners; (3) facilitate engagement and increase motivation of ARS staff through advancement of scientific knowledge and new technologies and (4) enhance the visibility of CSRL to the whole agricultural sector in the Lubbock area and vicinity.


The 2019 AgSciences Seminar series have engaged eminent speakers from various agricultural fields/research areas ranging from crop physiology, plant genetics and breeding, crop genomics, hydrology, soil science, cropping systems, systems modelling, and animal science.  Attendees draw from ARS staff, Texas Tech University, Texas A& M University and various agricultural commodity groups and interested parties.


Februrary 4, 2020 10:00 A.M.

Dr. Calvin Trostle
Professor & Extension Agronomist

Texas A&M AgriLife Research & Extension Center,

Lubbock, TX

"Key Physiological Considerations & Research Needs for Industrial Hemp in Texas."

Dr. Calvin Trostle, serves the West Texas region as Professor and Extension Agronomist with Texas A&M AgriLife Research & Extension Center, Lubbock, TX. For 21 years he has advised farmers on crop production that is subject to frequent drought. He received his training in agronomy and soil science at Kansas State, Texas A&M, and the University of Minnesota.  He grew up on a farm in east central Kansas. His crop-specific duties in West Texas includes row crops (excluding cotton) and forages. He is the senior agronomist for Texas A&M AgriLife’s hemp education-team and has conducted more than 15 hemp education workshops for industrial hemp in Texas.

January 24, 2020 10:00 A.M.


Dr. Dennis Gitz

Plant Physiologist

Wind Erosion and Water Conservation

USDA–ARS, Lubbock, TX 79415


"Development of Improved Sorghum Pollination Bags."

Dennis Gitz is a whole plant physiologist in the Wind Erosion and Water Conservation Unit at the Cropping Systems Research Lab in Lubbock, TX. His degrees are from at Miami University in Oxford, OH where he earned a B.S. in Chemistry, a B.S. and M.S. in Botany and, after a short stint in Desert Storm, he completed a Ph.D. in Phytochemistry. He then spent several years as a post-doctoral research associate with the University of Maryland and then the U.S.D.A. in Beltsville looking into the ecological roles of terrestrial UV-B mediated photomorphogenesis, and the influences of temperature and elevated atmospheric CO2 on a native alternative forage plant, respectively. Dennis remains in Lubbock since his transfer in 2002 where he continues to occupy a position as a “Plant Physiologist”. Dr. Gitz' personal and collaborative efforts have been diverse. However, the over-arching theme to his work has been the study of water across scales from the cellular to regional. Some of his current efforts include estimating the maximal potential economic and yield limitations expected from management of chemical and physical soil properties associated with soil “health”, developing robust physicochemical methods for assessing water use efficiency in indeterminate crops, physiological and morphological characterization of cotton & sorghum lines, and sorghum pollination bag development.


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