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The mission of the Southwestern Cotton Ginning Research Laboratory is to develop technologies that solve problems directly affecting, or being affected by, the cotton ginning industry to maximize the economic viability and competitiveness and minimize the environmental impact of the U.S. cotton production and processing system. Ginning is one step in the total cotton system, and it interacts with earlier steps such as harvesting and later steps such as mill processing. A series of targeted research projects will address critical cotton production, ginning, textile processing, and regulatory compliance issues, especially those pertaining to Western irrigated cottons. Cooperation between this Unit and other public and private organizations significantly strengthens the in-house research program.
The Cotton Ginning Research is located in Mesilla Park, NM and is part of the Plains Area.
The Research Leader is Derek Whitelock.
Phone: (575)526-6381
Fax: (575)525-1076
PO BOX 578
Mesilla Park, NM 88047