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The mission of the Livestock Arthropod Pest Research Unit is to develop novel management tools for controlling invasive ticks (non-cattle fever tick species), New World Screwworm, and blood-feeding flies of veterinary and medical importance. Research includes: 1) development of accurate models of fly dispersal by incorporating population genetics, remote sensing, and GIS into surveillance of stable flies, horn flies, and screwworm flies, 2) development and evaluation of novel control strategies for house, stable, horn, and New World screwworm flies, 3) determine parameters such as tick range, movement, and suitable habitats to produce models of the risk of tick-borne disease outbreaks and potential for introduction of invasive ticks in response to climate change, and 4) development of methods to prevent, eradicate, and control introduction of exotic ticks. The research program also supports the USDA APHIS Screwworm Eradication Program and the US cattle industry.
The Livestock Arthropod Pest Research Unit is located in Kerrville, TX and is part of the Plains Area.
The Acting Research Leader is Pia Olafson.
Phone: 830-223-2718
USDA, ARS, PA, US Livestock Insects Research Lab
2700 Fredericksburg Road
Kerrville, TX 78028