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Temperatures and Precipitation for 11/25/2016 - 12/1/2016


  Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon
 Low 39 46 30 33 46 45 44
 High 74 75 63 65 57 48 48
 Precip 0 0 0 0 1.55 0.78 0.71


NOTE: The weather data displayed on this page is collected at the United States Department of Agriculture, Knipling-Bushland U. S. Livestock Insects Research Laboratory in Kerrville, Texas. Precipitation amounts are for the 24 hour period ending at 8:00 AM on the day indicated.




Temperature and Rainfall data so far this month.


Weather Data for January-October 2016


Summary for November 2016:

The total rainfall for November was 3.22 inches, which is 0.93 inches above the 30 year average monthly rainfall of 2.29 inches. The total rainfall for the year to the end of November was 38.49 inches, which is 9.21 inches above the 30 year to date average of 29.28 inches.


November temperatures averaged 61.4 degrees, 4.8 degrees above the 30 year average temperature of 56.6 degrees. The average high for the month was 71.9 degrees, 2.8 degrees above the 30 year average of 69.1 degrees, and the average low was 50.9 degrees, 6.8 degrees above the 30 year average of 44.1 degrees.




The first graph shows the year to date rainfall, the normal amount to date (30 year average).


The second graph shows the rainfall for each month of the year in 2016 and the normal amount (30 year average) for each month.


The remaining graphs show monthly rainfall and normals (30 year average) for previous years. 


** Please note: The graphs which appear on this page are a visual representation of the weather data collected at KBUSLIRL. For specific rainfall data, please refer to the table above and/or the links to data made available on this site.





Monthly Rainfall and Averages for 2011

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