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Location Support Staff
Champagne, Gail
Administrative Officer
(985) 868-0475
USDA, ARS Administrative Office
5883 USDA Road
Houma, LA 70360

The staff provides administrative and financial services which include budgeting, accounting, procurement, human resources, property, safety and health programs, and general services. This MU administers the janitorial contract, R&M projects (including building maintenance), grounds maintenance, O&M which includes utilities and telephone services, the fleet services, and the Occupational Medical Surveillance Program.

  Southeast Area
    Houma, Louisiana
      Location Support Staff
Algu, Tiffany
(985) 868-3298

Computer Clerk (Office Automation)
Champagne, Gail
(985) 868-0475

Administrative Officer
Dozier, Tristan
(985) 868-0475

Custodial Worker
Guidry, Ross
(985) 415-0326

Maintenance Mechanic Helper
Hebert, Kaci
(985) 868-3460

Financial Technician
McNamee, Cecilia
(985) 868-3298

Purchasing Agent
Roberts, Sandra Sandy
(985) 868-3338

Office Automation Assistant
Sevier, Jill
((98) 5) -7913

Administrative Support Assistant
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