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Amy Tabb

Agricultural Engineer


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2217 Wiltshire Road

Kearneysville, WV 25430

Voice: (304) 725-3451 x386


Professional Biographical Information: 

PhD Purdue University, Electrical and Computer Engineering 2014

M.S. Purdue University, Electrical and Computer Engineering 2012

M.A. Duke University, Music 2003

B.A. Sweet Briar College. Double major in Mathematics/Computer Science and Music.  2001


Current Research:


My scientific training is in the field of computer vision and my research is primarily concerned with two applications: robotic pruning of fruit trees, and automated structural phenotyping of fruit trees. 


In order to accomplish the two applications stated above, reliable shape information of trees is needed.  This is a challenging problem for many reasons, including the outdoor imaging environment, small diameter of tree branches, wind, lack of texture of the tree branches, possible camera calibration error, and lack of prior shape information. 


To take into account all of these sources of error, a shape from inconsistent silhouette method was developed for tree reconstruction using multiple images of a tree.  My current and future work is to continue developing a system to extract reconstructions of trees using digital cameras and a mobile robotic platform.  Included in this future work is the extraction of various features of interest, such as branch location, diameter, length, and angle.




  • A. Tabb. Shape from Silhouette Probability Maps: reconstruction of thin objects in the presence of silhouette extraction and calibration error. IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2013 (CVPR '13). [pdf][poster]

  • D.L. Peterson, A.L. Tabb, T.A. Baugher, K. Lewis, D.M. Glenn. "Dry Bin Filler for Apples." Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 26(4) :541-549, 2010. [pdf]

  • A. Tabb,  "Three-dimensional Reconstruction of Fruit Trees by a Shape from Silhouette Method." ASABE Annual International Meeting, 2009. [pdf]

  • B.S. Bennedsen, D.L. Peterson, and A. Tabb,  2008. "Identifying Apple Surface Defects Using Principal Components Analysis and Artificial Neural Networks." Transactions of the ASABE, 50(6): 2257-2265.

  • J. Park, A. Tabb, and A. C. Kak, "Hierarchical Data Structure for Real-Time Background Subtraction,"  in Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 2006. [pdf]

  • B.S. Bennedsen, D.L. Peterson, A. Tabb, "Identifying defects in images of rotating apples," Computer and Electronics in Agriculture 48 (2005) 92-102. [pdf] 


Source code (in C/C++) to accompany our IROS 2015 paper on Robot-World, Hand-Eye Calibration [LINK HERE]



Dry Bin Filler

For best results, use Windows Media Player to view the videos. 

The videos are 5 minutes in length.


AFRS dry bin filler, 25 MB (WMV - Medium Quality)

AFRS dry bin filler, 100 MB (WMV - High Quality)



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