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James R Hagler

Research Entomologist


Pest Management & Biological Control Research Unit

USDA-ARS, US Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center

 James Hagler in the Lab  

James R. Hagler

Research Entomologist

US Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center

21881 North Cardon Lane

Maricopa, Arizona, 85239


520-316-6330 (FAX)

B.S.  Pest Management, New Mexico State University, 1982

M.S.  Interdisciplinary (Entomology, Range Science and Biology), New Mexico State University, 1985

Ph.D. Entomology, The University of Arizona, 1988


Research Interests:

My areas of expertise include biological control, integrated pest management and insect behavior.  I pioneered the insect “immunomarking” procedure. This procedure has revolutionized both mark-release-recapture (central point release) and mark-capture (area-wide dispersal) research.  I have established collaborations with scientists from a variety of research institutions who are using this procedure to study agriculture pest, urban pest, natural enemy and pollinator dispersal patterns.

My biological control research has concentrated primarily on applying molecular techniques to examine predator feeding behavior. My molecular probes (prey-specific ELISAs and PCR assays, and most recently, a generic prey immunomarking procedure) for detecting prey remains in predator guts are considered state-of-the-art research tools. These assays have been used to identify key predators of cotton pests and to identify trophic level interactions of the entire cotton arthropod community on targeted prey species.

I take special pride in mentoring high school through post-doctoral students, and young research scientists. I have mentored students and post-doctoral researchers from over 40 academic institutions.




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