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Reduced-Input Turfgrass
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Develop an internationally recognized turfgrass improvement program that specializes in abiotic stress and resource-use efficiency for semi-arid environments.

Research Objectives

  1. Develop improved varieties of turfgrass with excellent turf quality for droughty and limited-irrigation conditions.
  2. Develop improved varieties of turfgrass with increased salinity tolerance.
  3. Develop varieties of wheatgrasses for turfgrass  use.
  4. Identify new sources of genetic material for improved turfgrass under reduced-input conditions.

Turfgrass evaluation at Logan, UT


Improved Plant and Management Practices

Kentucky Bluegrass

Bluegrass for turf under variable irrigation

Fine Fescue

Crested and Native Grasses

Low-input turf evaluation

New Plant Materials for Reduced-Input Turfgrass

Turfgrass Breeding Approach


Seed available from the Utah Crop Improvement Association  1-435-797-2082