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Yniv Palti

Research Geneticist




11861 Leetown Road

Kearneysville, WV25430

Voice: (304) 724-8340 x2134


Professional Biographical Information:


2008 - Present  Lead Scientist, Genomics Unit, NCCCWA-ARS-USDA

2001 - Present  Research Geneticist, NCCCWA-ARS-USDA

2000 - 2001      Research Associate, ThomasJeffersonUniversity, Philadelphia, PA

1999 - 2000     Visiting Lecturer, Technion - IsraelInstitute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

1998 - 1999     Postdoctoral Fellow, Agricultural Research Organization, Beit-Dagan, Israel

1994 - 1997     Ph.D., Genetics & Cell Biology, WashingtonStateUniversity, Pullman, WA

1992 - 1994     M.Sc., Genetics & Cell Biology, WashingtonStateUniversity, Pullman, WA

1988 - 1991       B.Sc., Agricultural Economics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rehovot, Israel




Research Interests

At the NCCCWA (National Center for Cool and Cold Water Aquaculture) Dr. Palti leads efforts to develop tools and resources for genomics research in rainbow trout. His involvement in developing genomics research tools includes the current version of the rainbow trout reference genome sequence (GenBank-Accession GCA_002163495), a 57K SNP chip and high-density genetic maps using SNP chip genotype data.  The major focus of Dr. Palti’s current research is aimed at developing, evaluating and implementing strategies for genome-enabled selection in traits that cannot be measured directly on potential breeders in rainbow trout aquaculture.  He is using genome-wide association analyses and collaborates with other geneticists, research physiologists, immunologists, microbiologists and nutritionists to map quantitative trait loci that affect disease resistance and other aquaculture production efficiency traits with the overarching goal of identifying genes and genetic elements that can be utilized for better understanding of fish biology and for improving aquaculture production efficiency and sustainability.