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Gregory D Wiens (Greg)

Research Molecular Biologist





11861 Leetown Road

Kearneysville, WV25430

Voice: (304) 724-8340 x2137


Professional Biographical Information:

B.A. in Biology (1983), Occidental College, CA

Ph.D. in Microbiology (1992), Oregon State University, OR

Research Immunologist (2003-present); USDA-ARS, NationalCenter for Cool and Cold Water Aquaculture, Leetown, WV.


Research Rationale and Focus:

The demand for seafood is increasing worldwide while there is new restriction on capture fisheries harvest.  To meet increasing consumer demand, U.S. aquaculture producers require improved efficiencies and sustainable practices while maintaining and improving product quality.  Currently, endemic and emerging disease limit cool and cold water aquaculture production.  Major knowledge gaps exist regarding host resistance and the co-evolution of pathogen virulence, and the impact of environmental change leading to disease. Given the complexity and multidisciplinary nature of these problems, I work in collaboration with other scientists focusing on host resistance mechanisms, microbial genomics, and analysis of host-pathogen interactions within an evolutionary-based framework. 

Current research topics and publications:

1. Immune gene identification and evolution

                Glenney and Wiens

                Wiens et al.

2. Utilizing selective breeding to understand and increase disease resistance

                Hadidi et al.

                Wiens et al.

3. Microbial genomics of aquaculture pathogens

                Wiens et al.

4. Evaluation of select germplasm under laboratory and farm conditions.

                Wiens et al.

               2012 Germplasm Release


Workshops and Meetings:

Eighth International Congress on the Biology of Fish (Immunity and Disease Resistance)

Flavobacterium 2012


Current and Former Lab Members



Clear Springs Foods Inc (Scott LaPatra)

Jason Evenhuis

Integrated Genomics (Igenbio)

Ben LaFrentz

Tim Leeds

Yniv Palti

Mark Strom

Roger Vallejo

Tim Welch

Andrew Wargo

Patty Zwollo