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NCCCWA Partners



The Conservation Fund's Freshwater Institute


Improving the sustainability of land-based closed-containment systems for salmonid food fish production.


The University of Connecticut


Identifying biochemical pathways which affect disease resistance and flesh pigmentation.


West Virginia University


Identify and characterize genes which affect important aquaculture product quality traits.


University of Idaho


Performance evaluation of select rainbow trout lines.


Clear Spring Foods


Disease free rainbow trout aquaculture production.




Optimize breeding strategies for rainbow trout.


University of California-Davis


Construct physical maps of trout chromosomes to facilitate genome mapping and sequencing.

 Genome Sequencing
  1.Renibacterium salmoninarum and Flavobacterium psychrophilum
  2. Genomes Online
 Caird Rexroad Ph.D.

 TIGR Rainbow Trout Gene Index (Link)

 NCCCWA 1RT Phase I blastx data (Tab-Delimited File)
 NCCCWA 1RT Phase I blastn data (Tab-Delinited File)
 Yniv Palti Ph.D.
 BAC Contigs (Appendix 1 V4) (Tab-Delimited File)
 Greg Wiens Ph.D.
 Wiens and Owen Supplementary Data (PDF)