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Barry Allred
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USDA/ARS - Soil Drainage Research Unit
590 Woody Hayes Drive, RM. 234
Columbus, Ohio  43210
Phone:  (614) 292-4459
Fax: (614)-292-9448

Link to WRSIS Research: /Research/docs.htm?docid=14999

Professional Registration: 

Professional Engineer (Civil Engineering) - State of New Mexico - #13478

Licensed Professional Geologist - State of Indiana - #2077

Areas of Expertise:

Surface/Subsurface Hydrology
Agricultural/Geotechnical Engineering
Soil Science


Degree: Ph.D. in Biosystems E
Date:  May 1995
Stillwater, Oklahoma
Specialization: Surface/Subsurface Hydrology and Geotechnical Engineering

Degree: M.S. in Geology
Date:  December 1987
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Specialization:  Hydrogeology

Degree: M.S. in Geology
Date:  December 1986
Northern IllinoisUniversity
DeKalb, Illinois
Specialization:  Geophysics

Degree: B.S. in Geology
Date:  December 1980
Stillwater, Oklahoma
Major:  Geology;  Minor:  Math

Professional Experience:

Agricultural Engineer, Adjunct Assistant Professor - (1998 to Present)
SDA-ARS Soil Drainage Research Unit & The Ohio State University - Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering Department, Columbus, Ohio


Hydrologic investigation of agricultural subsurface drainage/irrigation. Testing of geophysical methods for locating buried agricultural drains. Study of fractured glacial till geotechnical engineering characteristics. Computer modeling of watershed hydrology     

Hydrogeologist, Adjunct Faculty - (1996 to 1998)                        

New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources, New Mexico Tech - Earth and Environmental Sci. Dept., Socorro, New Mexico


Laboratory research on environmental remediation of heavy metals from soil. Laboratory study of surfactant impacts on soil hydraulic/mechanical properties. MiddleRio GrandeBasin hydrogeologic and engineering geology investigations. Management of the Bureau's soil testing lab facility. Public service (water resource consultations).          

Research Engineer - (1989 to 1996)

OklahomaStateUniversityDept. of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Stillwater, Oklahoma


Laboratory testing of surfactant transport characteristics in unsaturated soil. Laboratory study of anion exclusion impacts on nitrate/chloride mobility in soil. Surface and subsurface hydrologic modeling investigations. Field research on runoff water quality from poultry waste treated test plots.

Hydrogeologist - (1988 to 1989)

ERM Southwest Inc., Houston, Texas


Site investigation (well installation, soil/water sampling, and aquifer tests). Ground water flow and contaminant transport modeling. Geophysical (electromagnetic induction) field surveying. Report preparation.

Geophysicist - (1983 to 1986)                                

CONOCO Inc., Houston & Midland, Texas


Analysis of geological and geophysical data (including seismic information, geophysical well logs, and stratigraphic reports) from offshore southern California and the DelawareBasin in Texas and New Mexico. Exploration prospect generation.