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Some important patents and MTA acquired by BCIRL include:


••         Anagrapha falcifera multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (AfMNPV) U.S Government Patent No. 4,911,913. 1990

••         Heliothis subflexa cell line for Production of baculoviruses. U.S. Patent 5,405,770. 1995

••         Baculovirus for the Control of Insect Pests. U.S. Patent 6,042,843. 2000

••         Material Transfer Agreement with Dupont Agricultural Products for: "A Recombinant Virus Px-tTa-Lq 1998

••         Material Transfer Agreement with American Cyanamid Co. for: Baculovirus (nucleopolyhedrovirus) PxMNPV for the Potential Control of the World-Wide Pest Diamondback Moth (Plutella xylostella) and Other Lepidopteran Pests. 1996.

••         Specific Cooperative Agreement with Particle and Coating Technologies, Inc. (St Louis, MO). "Encapsulation for Enhancement of Microbial Biological Control Agents". 2001

••         Material transfer agreement established with scientist at University of Sterling, United Kingdom to provide eulophid species for research purposes. 1999.

••         MTA with Albany Bug Company/Oregon Freeze Dry for the exchange of diet and diet-fed insects.

••         Memorandum of Understanding with Texas A & M University to advance in vitro rearing of parasitoids.

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