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Employment at the North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station (NCRPIS)

Ames, Iowa

The North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station manages and provides plant genetic resources and associated information for research and educational objectives. As a result of working at the station, student employees will improve their professional skills related to: communications, ethics, leadership, problem solving, technical agronomy, international awareness, and appreciation of diversity.

Employees are needed immediately. We also employ students during spring and fall semesters. Federal funding source enables hiring of only US Citizens. All employees must be at least 16 years old. Employment can be counted towards ISU Agronomy 310 or 311—Internship Experience class, and possibly other internship opportunities; all require academic advisor and supervisor authorization.

An agricultural background is helpful but not required. Most project teams work in outdoor conditions with exposure to heat, humidity, and insects. Email your resume to and if interested.

Job Duties: Seed preparation, planting, transplanting, germination, greenhouse work, maintaining grounds and field plantings, pollinating, harvesting, seed processing, management of pollinator insects, equipment maintenance and operation, data capture and entry, computer use, and janitorial.

Wages: $15.00 per hour

Job Description:

Students hired for the position of Plant Genetic Resource Aide will be assigned some or all of the following duties: Assist in all aspects of the seed regeneration and distribution operations of the NCRPIS.

1. Plant and Transplant Agronomic and Horticultural Crops
   a. Measuring and flagging fields for plot planting
   b. Planting with a cable trip plot planter
   c. Transplanting vegetable crops from the greenhouse to the field
2. Maintaining field and greenhouse plantings
   a. Operating tillers, cultivators, mowers and other equipment to maintain small field plots.
   b. Weed control
   c. Monitoring pollination cages for needed repairs and pollinator activity.
   d. Greenhouse planting and watering.
3. Constructing field pollination cages
4. Hand Pollinations of Corn, Sunflowers and some Vegetable crops.
5. Hand and Machine Harvesting.
6. Measuring, and Recording Descriptor Data, Data Entry
7. Seed Cleaning of small seed lots with column blowers, threshers and hand screens.
8. Packaging seed for storage or distribution.
9. Conducting seed germination tests using specific protocols.
10. Assisting with diagnosis of plant pathogens, laboratory assays.

For additional information contact:

Fred Engstrom
North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station
1305 State Ave
Ames, IA 50011

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