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Welcome to Ames, Iowa's Corn Insect Crop Genetics Research Unit. 

We are located in Ames, Iowa on Iowa State University's campus.

Our Mission is to:

(1) Develop strategies for genetic improvement of adapted and exotic corn germplasm under conventional and sustainable systems and improve our understanding of the relationship between these genetic improvements and genome modifications

(2) Develop a basic understanding of the soybean genome by use of molecular and classical genetics and cytogenetic analysis

(3) Develop a basic understanding of molecular mechanisms of interactions between cereal pathogens and their hosts

(4) Develop new and improved methods and strategies for managing pest insects of corn and their biological control agents, consistent with low environmental impact

(5) Elucidate ecology, behavior, and genetics of pest insects and their natural enemies.

Research Leader:
Craig A. Abel
102 Genetics Laboratory
Ames IA 50011
(515) 294-8614

Find us at:  /Main/site_main.htm?modecode=36-25-10-00

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